Choosing Carrollton for your software development needs guarantees that you are partnering with a well-informed team with experience in both established protocols and cutting edge technology. When initiating each new project, we hand-pick a team to match the client’s unique needs and ensure efficiency and success.
Our developers work in tandem with our project managers so that deadlines are met and milestones are achieved at a consistent pace. Agile development encourages open communication between our project managers and clients, so that you always know exactly where we are in the development timeline. Our primary purpose is to deliver a user-friendly solution perfectly matched to your needs that will help your business grow.

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Louisiana students with eligible GPAs and test scores can apply for state funding to off-set part or all of their in-state tuition costs. Since its inception in 1999 the program has helped more than 616,000 students work towards their educational goals.
In 2008, the LOFSA application process and award software was hopelessly out of date. The software had not been written for easy editing so the ten years of edits and additions to TOPS policy were configured through work-arounds and system duplication.  Carrollton was hired to execute a re-write of the software that would be more streamlined and properly organize the policy of the program.
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One of Louisiana’s fastest-growing private retailers was looking for a partner to implement a complete overhaul of their point-of-sale system. This included the design of their first-ever Recipe Management Engine (RME). This unique tool would allow for unit tracking of customized orders, increasing recipe accuracy and inventory management in more than 300 locations around the world.

After extensive testing, Carrollton deployed thirty pilot devices to corporate-owned locations, all managed and supported remotely via Ansible. The newly built RME allowed the retailer to upgrade to a scalable, iPad-based point-of-sale system, without uploading sensitive trade secrets to a publicly accessed cloud.

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Daybrook Fisheries is a vertically integrated company that catches and processes menhaden into fishmeal and fish oil products. Daybrook vessels are responsible for some 40% of the Gulf of Mexico’s yearly menhaden catch. Daybrook needed an advanced software system to match their high-level operations. Since development of a full operations intranet with reporting capabilities, Daybrook has grown consistently year-over-year. In 2014 they were referred to as a “near perfect fishery” by Louisiana Sportsman Magazine. They were recently acquired by Oceana, South Africa’s largest fishery.